tirsdag 16. juni 2009

My headband!

Blair: Get your hands off me! Or are you trying to kill me too?
Serena: A guy died and you use it as part of a game, who does that?!
Blair: This is not a game Serena! And this isn’t just another thing on a laundry list, this is Yale, MY DREAM, and you crossed the line.
Serena: And so did you when you brought up Pete! As far as my being here you take that up with the school.
-Serena goes to walk away-
-Blair throws her clutch at the back of her head-
Serena: You did not just do that.
Blair: Why do you think you were invited? You know on paper you’re not Yale material. Could it be your face on page six? Your name everywhere? Face it Serena, Yale needs to up their hue rating just like every other school and they’re gonna use girls like you to do it!
Serena: YOU SHUT UP! -pushes her-
Blair: -shoves back- YOU SHUT UP!
Serena: -pulls Blair’s headband off- I HATE THAT STUPID HEADBAND!

(Not mine)

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