mandag 6. juli 2009

Jeg orker ikke bruke hjernen

...på å formulere ting.

Lily: Serena, don't do this. If you have problems with Bart, fine. But don't sabotage this.
Serena: What? I'm not doing anything, i'm just sharing memories of what a close knit family we are. I remember this one time, when I was eleven, Eric and I wanted a white christmas. Luckily Mom's husband was a raging coke head, and he left blow, everywhere.
Lily: Oh my god.
Eric: It wasn't everywhere, just on the smooth, shiny surfaces.

Lily: Did you really try and buy anthrax with his credit card?
Chuck: The blackmarket isn't what it used to be.
Lily: ... And you got him on, ... Megan's list?
Chuck: If only his apartment was a few blocks closer to a playground.
Lily: Look, I understand why you are trying to do these things, but we've got to find something that isn't illegal.
Chuck: If your people don't come up with anything than maybe we can try number twenty-six.
Lily: -reads list- Crash Jack in plane. The Bass Jet is kind of expensive Charles.
Chuck: There's always insurance.

(Gossip girl)

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