mandag 17. august 2009

Cookie's always got nothing

Hva er det med meg om dysfunksjonelle rollefigurer på tv? Aner ikke. Og nei, han er ikke heit som Freddy. Men han er bad ass. Og Stina ; Jeg tror han lukter øl, røyk, sprit og hasj :P

JJ: I think you're gonna get the truth, Freds.
Cook: I'm pissed off, yeah? She's taking the piss, and it's hurting me, 'cause Cook needs the love, too. Cookie's got nothing.
Thomas: Everything alright, guys?
Cook: Cookie's always got nothing. That's why I do her pal. That's why I pop Panda. Panda's popped. It's always the same. Great tits Panda, great tits Effy. That's all I get because I'm shit. I'm pure shit.

Cook: I fucking love you, man. I fucking love you to bits.

Effy: You're not his dad. not really.
Cook Sr.: You're not his girlfriend. Not really. You're gonna fucking snap that boy's heart in two.
Effy: You've been doing it to him every day of his life.

Cook: You all think that I'm scum. That you're better than me. That you're better than my dad.
JJ: Cook I'm not beter than your dad. You are. You're better than someone who runs away from the people who love him -- who need him.

Cook Sr.: Let me tell you something Cook. I never wanted you in the first place.

Cook Sr.: Now give daddy the keys, or I'm gonna melt your fucking face off. Be sensible son, I'll fucking do it. I'll fucking do it. I don't give a fuck.
Cook: I don't, either.

Cook: What's the fucking difference? Nothing good ever stays with me. Absolutely

Cook: I had it all planned out, man. Get a boat of our own, moor it down here, a job... everything. But she doesn't love me.
Freddie: She does. I know she does.
Cook: She loves you better.
Freddie: I was with her last night. Do you understand? So, you know what I've come here to ask you. Cook, please... please, just say it's okay.
Cook: I can't. Freds...I just can't. I'm sorry. I just fucking love her. I'm sorry. I fucking love her.
Freddie: But we can't share, can we?

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