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Skins christmas special

Anwar : [pretending to be his father] "Why do you have to celebrate christmas, don't you like fasting?"

Anwar : [to Chris] "Mate, would it be like...wrong, or sort of gay if we hugged?"

Chris : "How could something with the word Chris in it be so shit?"

Gives me hope

Via hjartesmil fant jeg givesmehope.com, en fantastisk fin versjon av FML. Jeg blir helt sippete av å lese historiene her.

"My family & I got seperated in New York City when I was little. Scared, I sat crying on the sidewalk as tons of people passed by. A homeless man picked me up, comforted me, & carried me to a police officer, who found my parents. He had a long beard & I asked if he was Jesus. He laughed so hard he cried. He GMH."

"During WWII, my friend's grandpa was captured and tortured, but he refused to reveal his mission. The japanese said if he didn't spill, they would kill the other five captured men. He wouldn't budge. He escaped, but he had to live with their blood on his hands. 25 years later, he found out they all lived. Not a single one talked. GMH"

"A long time ago, I was on the verge of committing suicide when a guy came to the roof to have lunch. He saw me climbing over the railing and asked me to share his lunch with him. After receiving my puzzled look, he explained, "everyone should die happy. or at least with a full stomach." We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last month. GMH."

"A girl I went to high school with was diagnosed with Leukimia her Junior year. She lost all of her hair due to the chemotherapy and was pretty upset about it. One day, eight of her closest friends came to school with shaved heads, saying it was just hair, and who cared - bald is the new in. GMH"

"Last summer I was working as an assistant wedding photographer in California during the brief period when gay couples could marry there. While working a wedding at the San Fransisco City Hall, I watched two old men in tuxedos help each other up the stairs in order to finally get married after over 30 years together. GMH."

"Exactly 8 months ago my grandpa lost his battle with cancer. By the end he couldn't talk and wouldn't respond to any of us. A few moments before he took his last breath, he looked at my grandma and said clear as day "I love you". They were married 51 years. GMH!!"

"One of my classmates in high school had leukemia, and he was really depressed after his first round of chemo when he came to school with no hair. When they found out about it, all 70+ members of the varsity football team shaved their heads too. Their yearbook picture is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. GMH"

"Today, my aunt dragged me along to the mall to go shopping. While in the store, she critisized me, calling me fat and comparing me to 'Ugly Betty'. When I walked out of the store, a boy held the door open and whispered 'I don't know what she's talking about'. GMH."

"Today, I saw one of the most popular seniors in my grade eat lunch with the wheelchair-bound, mentally-challenged freshman girl who is always by herself. She made the girl laugh and talked to her like she was no different than her other friends. The senior girl then invited her to go see Twilight this weekend. Her kindness GMH."

"I've been struggling with an eating disorder for years and weigh myself obsessively throughout the day. This morning, there was a post-it note covering the numbers on my scale that said "you're beautiful". I live with three guys. Men like that GMH."

"Last week I was stood up on what should have been my very first date, ever, at the age of 21. When I knew he wasn't coming, I called my best friend in tears, but she had left her phone at her boyfriend's house. When I told him, he said to wait, and arrived in ten mins with flowers for me. He GMH."

"There's a really beautiful freshman in our school who a mentally challenged sophomore boy has a huge crush on. She got asked by at least 10 people to the winter formal dance, but she decided to go with the mentally challenged boy. Beautiful girls who are also beautiful inside GMH."

"Today when I walked into the student center at my college, there was a table raising money and awareness for victims of sexual assault on my campus. It was full of pamphlets with information on what to do if raped, and information on abusive relationships and ways to fight violence against women. The table was being run entirely by guys. GMH"

"A few years ago I got too drunk at a party and was dragged into an alley to be raped. A fellow student heard the commotion and knocked my attacker unconscious. Apparently he stayed with us both until the ambulance and police came. He never told me his name. His Random act of bravery GMH."

"While at the store I noticed a man that was obviously mentally challenged. He wanted a free balloon that they give out to kids. They were out. A girl about 5 noticed him crying and walked up to him and said "here mister. you can have mine!" The look on his face was priceless. That girl GMH."

"Last summer, my best friend came over to cheer me up after a tough breakup. In the middle of our conversation, she jumped from my couch, and chased the ice cream truck four blocks down the street, because she thought ice cream would make me feel better. She was barefoot. Her love GMH."

"My friend was always depressed. One day, she attempted suicide and a guy she never really talked to at school visited her at the hospital. He said, "Don't you dare do that again! You are the MOST beautiful girl that I have seen. EVER." That was 6 years ago. They're getting married this weekend. GMH"

"I work in an ICU, and yesterday while on shift I noticed that the same elderly man had been sleeping in the waiting room for four days. I asked him why he didn't go home for a sleep. Turns out he is the husband of a woman in isolation on the ward. In his words "We've been married 65 years, I couldn't sleep without her there anyway."

"Today, I was visiting my grandmother at her nursing home. There, i saw two men happily racing to their rooms in their wheelchairs. Staying forever young GMH"


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Happy ending

Emilies bursdagsfeiring : happy endings, posering med mat, bingodrikkelek og tryning på isen.

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Jul og (de fleste av mine) julegaver :)